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Lisa Daniels

Lisa Daniels

Owner/Director at Parks Ave.

My name is Lisa Daniels, the Owner/Director here at Lisa’s Lil Tikes. I have been working with children for at least 21 years. I have always loved children! As a child I always worked in the nursery at church, even when it wasn’t my turn and I babysat constantly as a teenager. I just felt like I belonged with children.

    Of course I chose a career in childcare as an adult. I taught preschool in Illinois for two years, then I moved to San Diego and married my husband Steve.

    I started a home daycare in 1990 when my first child Courtney was born. I knew I loved working with children and I wanted to stay home with her. I continued doing home daycare for nine years, attending college at night working toward my degree.

    My second child Dustin was born in 1995 and when he was four years old (1999) we opened our first Lisa’s Lil Tikes in El Cajon what an adventure! Things just went so well for us. It was hard work, but so rewarding! I learned so much in those first five years.

    After about five years we opened our second preschool in La Mesa. Another adventure here we go!  After being blessed for 10 years with two successful centers my husband and I decided to dive in and start another journey with our third center. Our third center is also located in La Mesa and specialize in infants and toddlers. The center also has a very successful preschool program.

    We have been so grateful to all the families we have come in contact with for the past ten years. I have certainly loved caring for all the many children that have come and gone over the years. (That’s the hard part of working with children-they grow up and move on!!!). But I always remind myself that, there are many more children ready to grow and learn with us.

    I often think, as long as Lil’ Tikes can touch a child’s life in a positive way, we’ll be here to do just that. This is truly what makes it all worth while to me and my family.

E-mail: lisa@lisasliltikes.com
Phone: (619) 460-6432

Gini Andrade

Gini Andrade

Director at Parks Ave.

My name is Gini Andrade and I have been with Lisa’s Lil’ Tikes since 2003.  I started out as an infant room teacher and have worked my way up to Director. I am currently working at the La Mesa Parks school co-directing with Lisa.  I am married with a four year old son, a dog, a cat and two fish.  I have been around children my whole life from babysitting to working in a center.  I have four brothers and two sisters, and now many nephews and nieces.  It comes very natural for me to be around children. I completely love my job and I look forward to go to work everyday.  I plan on spending many more years here at Lil’ Tikes.

I am always available to help you with any questions you may have.  Thank you for taking an interest in our school.  We hope to see you soon.

E-mail: gini@lisasliltikes.com
Phone: (619) 460-6432

Tuohy Dunn

Tuohy Dunn

Director at La Mesa Blvd.

My name is Tuohy (Tyhe) Dunn. I am the director at Lisa’s Lil likes Preschool at our La Mesa Boulevard location.

I am a mother of identical twins, Tristen and Trae of which whom I adore!!  They keep me super busy with their schedules and their constant  energy!  They are very involved in high school football right now, just got to love those Friday nights in the stands!!!

I have been working with children for more than twenty years.  It all started back in high school, I volunteered at the onsite preschool and  from then on, I was hooked!

I began my career at a Christian Academy, shortly after that, I began working for the military in a lead teacher position in a classroom of  twelve infants.  This was a great experience for me, I enjoyed it very much! I worked full time for the military  preschool and during my off hours I volunteered at the evening care program, at the hospital for military families needing doctor’s appointments and such.  I continued
to volunteer there three nights per week (even though we were only
supposed to work one night a week} for the hospital.  I just couldn’t get enough!!

I’ve continued on throughout the years teaching and directing centers for children and working closely with the families as well.  This is truly my passion and I feel my destiny in life. Being with the children makes me happy.

I love being the director here at Lil tikes, and look forward to many years of caring for our children here!!

E-mail: tuohy@lisasliltikes.com
Phone: (619) 460-0393

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