What’s New

What's New

Lisa's Lil TikesAs our new school year begins, we are so excited to get things rolling. 

Miss Alaanah will now be teaching our young two’s class, creating a new environment for our lil ones to learn, love and play.

Miss Erika will stay in our  older 2’s/3’s and continue on with all of her fantastic lessons with lots of music & movement, sensory and language that all children love to participate in!

Miss Margaret will be teaching our older 3’s/4’s class again this year. She is always so creative with her lessons and loves to get super involved, acting out the part and bringing in many hands on activities for her class.

Miss Rita will continue to get our children ready for Kindergarten, as she has for many years with us. She regularly receives raving reviews from former student’s new Kindergarten teachers on a job well done..

She makes kindergarten readiness super fun!

Our Infant teacher’s Miss Catherine and Miss Cynthia will be caring for, nurturing, loving and teaching as well, using music, language, movement and sensory.